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  1. thanks! that definitely looks like it could be it!
  2. I'll post a couple other photos i have of him, I dont think they are as great yah I dont believe they are the same species. the fish in my LFS was not interested in going on the glass at all he stuck to the bottom and under drift wood. very narrow body and very pointed face not as rounded like the pics you provided very small, maybe only 1 cm in length, very thin and had a long thin face, downward facing mouth at like a 45 degree angle roughly.
  3. ok thats what I thought. no guesses what he might be though?
  4. awesome, yah so I'd look at either the 75w or the 100w, if the room the tank is in doesn't get to cold stays a decent room temp then the 75w should work well as its rated up to like a 27 gallon roughly if I remember right. personally I'd just get the 100w. won't have to work as hard when you're doing water changes.
  5. so my 10 gallon tanks are currently using the 50W heater and keeps them perfect even after a water change, I can't really say I have ever followed the 5 watts per gallon rule to closely, when I was running my 120 gallon tank I'm pretty sure I was using the 250W heater. it might of been to large for the tank technically but I have run tanks with the heater being a little big for the time being if I needed to until I could get the appropriate sized heater. going to big never caused me any issues, just makes the heater not work as hard to keep temps where they need to be. what size tank are you trying to heat? oh also, I have run tanks with lids and no lids, haven't had issues with the heater in either set up
  6. hey Jacob, I can personally speak on Eheim Jager heaters, I have been in the hobby for about 16 or 17 years, the best part i like about these heaters is that they are submersible, you can run them in a sump and get rid of clutter in your show tank. if you do have it in your tank you don't need to worry about the top portion being above water so it makes it a bit easier for hiding if you don't like seeing the heater. in my experience they have always kept my tanks very stable with very little to no fluctuation in temperature. they also have a newer feature on the heater where you can correct the temp dial. for example if you have it set to 75f but your tank is only running at 72f, you can actually manipulate the dial on top so that it shows its set at 72f. also just to add i have and do run this heater on everything 10 gallon up to 120 gallon. same performance regaurdless of size, I hope this helps
  7. hello everyone! brand new here. so I was at my LFS and found this little guy, they had him listed as a Hillstream Loach, without a doubt he is a loach but something about the ID I feel is off. or not specific enough. any thoughts would be appreciated! thank you!
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